Chapbook: The Offering ( Liquid Light Press, 2016)

Online Journals:

Cumberland River Review: “Drop Leaf Table” (Issue 4.1, January 2015)

Cumberland River Review: “Reading Frank O’Hara After My Mother’s Death.”

(Issue 4.2, April 2015)

Cutthroat, A Journal of the Arts: “An Important Poem” (CT 19)

New Ohio Review:  Exclusive: The Poetics of Blues:  “Harmonica”

Panoply Magazine: “A Lace Stone Wall at Randall’s Ordinary” (Issue 6, themed “daylight,” May 2017)

Sliver of StoneMagazine: "Once More" Issue 14, April 2017

SunStruck Magazine: “Legacy Holder” (April 2016 Conflict, Vol 2, issue 3)                                        

The Maynard: “Good to See you” and “A Fire Hydrant on Camino de la Amapola” (Fall 2015)

Turtle Island Quarterly: “A Jar With a Lid” (Fall-Winter, 2016, Issue 11)

Under a Warm Green Linden: “A Study of Rivers” and “Riverbank” (Summer, 2018)

Online Journals, Read by Subscription:

Mslexia: “Stellar’s Jay” (December 2015) – Print and Online by Subscription

Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing:  “Heart-shackles” (September 2015 “Your Wild and Precious Life” issue)

and “Sunrise” (March 2019 “Flourish/Hope” Issue) 

Print Journals:

American Poets & Poetry:  “My Brother Pruning the Sweet Gum Tree.” (Out of Print, November-December 2000)

Connecticut River Review:   “Apple Pie.”   (2015)

Fjords Review: “A Park Bench in Prague.” Forthcoming, spring 2019

Lilitamba: “Believing is Seeing” (2016)

Many Mountains Moving:  “Twelve Days from Transfer,” “Shoes.” (Vol. VII, No. 1, 2006)

Miramar Poetry Journal: “After a Death, I Take a Walk.” (Issue #6, 2017)

Mslexia: “Stellar’s Jay” (December 2015) – Print and Online by Subscription

Mudfish: “Between the Earth and Sky.” (Mudfish issue 19, 2016)

New Ohio Review:  “Postcards” (Fourthcoming NOR Issue #26, 2019)

riverSedge: A Journal of Art and Literature: "Bubbles Blown through a Wand," "Fifty-Nine Cent Toy," "Checking the Stove" (forthcoming)

The Fourth River: “River Waves,” Famous Rivers,” and “Rio Grande” (Spring, 2019)

New York Quarterly: “Bath Currents” (Issue 58, 2002)

San Pedro River Review: “A Metal Folding Chair in the San Pedro Riverbed” (Fall 2015 issue)

Skidrow Penthouse:   “Movement.”  (Journal #16)

Write to Meow: “The View” (Grey Wolfe Publishing, 2015).

No Achilles: War Poetry:  “War on Terror” (WaterWood Press, 2015)

The Poeming Pigeon: Love Poems:  "Picking Plums" (The Poetry Box, 2017)

The Writers Studio at 30: “Apple Pie” (Epiphany Editions, 2017)

Weaving the Terrain: 100-Word Southwest Poems: “Bug” (Dos Gatos Press, 2018)

The Cumberland River Review: “Reading Frank O’Hara After My Mother’s Death” (2018)

Awake in the World, V.2:  “Not a Simple Story” (Riverfeet Press, Summer 2019)





Eleanor Kedney